Functional Order: Se Fi-Te-Ni

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Extroverted Sensing (Se) / Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Jasmine is an opportunist, who believes what she sees and experiences firsthand – she’s willing to trust Aladdin up to a point, before she concludes based on the evidence in front of her own eyes that he is “just a thief after all.” She abides by her father’s wishes to some extent, but also feels a deep desire to escape the palace and mingle in the streets – a dangerous pastime, even for a woman undercover. She’s perceptive, aware of her environment, and quick thinking, substituting herself for her handmaiden, eager to take a magic carpet ride, noticing Ali’s touch being similar to Aladdin’s, and testing him, even agreeing to marriage she doesn’t want. Her low Ni means she doesn’t see through Jafar quick enough to identify the true threat in their midst (she assumes he’s ambitious and sexist, but not that he’s controlling or manipulating her father).

Judging Functional Axis:

Introverted Feeling (Fi) / Extroverted Thinking (Te)

She wants the freedom to be herself, which is a natural leader. Jasmine loves her father, so she abides by his wishes and doubts herself at times, but she also has a strong awareness of her own capabilities – she “could be” Sultan. Jasmine often does what she wants and feels, regardless of how others perceive her – taking offense at being called “hot,” she walks out on Prince Ali’s grand parade. She’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness to help her father, but finds it hard to suppress herself (“Speechless”) in order to live according to the social demands of her time and place. She tries to inspire their captain of the guard into loyalty, by reminding him of his duty and loyalty to her family. Her Te is willing to bargain for what she wants, and understands the need for decisive leadership. She can be blunt and authoritative, but prefers to win others over through loyalty.

Enneagram: 9w8 social

Jasmine has great ambition and a desire to do something significant for her people, but she still gives in to her father’s wishes for her to be docile. She has caused no trouble, she draws no attention to Jafar’s behavior toward her (his sexism), and she does not push her father overmuch to make changes to his policies… but her 8 wing brings in a level of defiance and argumentativeness that compliments her stubbornness in standing up for doing what is right. She also displays the 8 wing’s natural leadership, when she challenges their guards to stand firm and stay loyal to the Sultan. She longs to be the soul of her community; she defies her father in leaving the palace in order to comprehend the needs of the people on the streets, and longs to be seen and interact with them. She has ideas about how to serve in their best interest. It’s frustrating to her, that no one seems to have faith in her, or her abilities, so her 9 fluctuates between a desire to adapt to the situation and stay in her place, and her own ambitions about knowing what is best for her kingdom (wing 8).