Functional Order: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Extroverted Intuition (Ne) / Introverted Sensing (Si)

Genie is full of ideas and creativity. He loves to point out “there’s a lot of gray areas” in what others say, and uses that as an excuse to do whatever he wants in granting their wish – often in a bombastic, over the top way that isn’t great with minor details. Such as – creating a magnificent entourage for “Prince Ali” but forgetting to specify where he’s from and think about putting that on the maps ahead of their arrival. On occasion, he uses throwbacks to his personal experiences to highlight something he’s talking about – how every “The Guy” (who rubs the lamp) is “the same” and all want the same thing (money and power); he’s shocked that Aladdin isn’t that Guy, nor has he thought about what he wants out of life; he also references often his own past (he’s spent thousands of years in a lamp, and he prefers it to this).

Judging Functional Axis:

Introverted Feeling (Fi) / Extroverted Thinking (Te)

Genie pushes Aladdin to be “honest” about his true self, and authentic to who he is – which Aladdin doesn’t fully understand, since he’s worried more about tert-Fe appealing to others. Genie has things he will and will not do, and has independent emotions of others – he’s often concerned with himself (“I love parties. Do not ruin this for me”) and willing to do things, if they somehow benefit himself (he’ll distract the handmaiden for Aladdin, sure!). If he’s pleased with his work, he doesn’t need outward praise. His Te likes to abide by the rules, and work on a “rate of exchange” – 3 wishes, no wishing for more wishes – and has a good understanding of the reality of things. Having power makes you want more, and people often change, but rarely for the better.

Enneagram: 7w6 social

Genie just wants to have fun. Right now, please. As in, not in this cave where it’s boring. He’s been in the lamp for a thousand years – it’s time to get out and have a good time. Take in a party!! Woo a pretty girl! He goes over the top in his celebrations, in how he decks out Aladdin for success, and in his desire to impress others. His 6 wing doesn’t want to break the rules, though, and is more whimsical than grounded. His 3 has a hearty sense of self-appeal and esteem (“You ain’t never had a friend LIKE ME! … and the crowd goes wild!!”). He doesn’t care for lies, duplicity, or misbehavior and urges Aladdin to be honest.