Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Fe

Judging Functional Axis:

Introverted Feeling (Fi) / Extroverted Thinking (Te)

Arwen has total confidence in her decisions; even though she wants to keep her father happy, she also must be true to herself and make decisions based on her personal values. Rather than submit to his desire for her to depart, Arwen chooses to remain in Middle-earth out of love for Aragorn. Her loyalty to him is unshaken and remains strong even when it seems he may not succeed. She can easily understand what others need from her, and goes out of her way to inspire them and assist them in a path toward happiness. Knowing that she will be faster in bearing Frodo to safety, Arwen insists on doing so by taking charge of the situation. Her desire for independence leads her to action – often without explanation; returning to Rivendell, choosing to bestow the Evenstar upon Aragorn, convincing her father to re-forge the sword, and ultimately, staying in Middle-earth (inferior Te).

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Extroverted Sensing (Se) / Introverted Intuition (Ni)

She notices opportunities for action and is quick to take advantage of them; she uses the river waters to wash away the Wraiths, and she seizes the chance to impress upon her father the importance of re-forging the sword. Arwen is so devoted to happiness in the moment that her father must force her to consider how her actions will forever alter her future; but she believes the present happiness is worth the pain of eventual separation and death. Her prophetic visions are specific and detailed. Arwen knows that Aragorn “will face the same evil and defeat it.” She believes he will become the King of Gondor. She has a vision of their future child and happiness, as well as his eventual death and her enduring state in Middle-earth. Everything Arwen predicts comes true, and she is motivated to make her visions a reality through recruiting her father to change the future.

Enneagram: 2w1 sexual

Arwen’s entire drive seems to be based in love – finding it, holding onto it, and encouraging it in others. She gives of herself endlessly to Aragorn, and in so doing, helps him become the man he his “born to be.” She gives him the Evenstar for his protection, knowing she will fade herself without it, unless he succeeds in driving evil from Middle-Earth. She does the same for Frodo, helping him when he needs it. She surrenders to her father’s will at times, out of a desire to please him. Her 1 wing makes her do this out of a sense of duty and devotion, because it is the right thing to do, but she can also be feisty and confrontational; Arwen accuses her father of keeping the entire truth from her (“I saw a child!”), and stands up to the Ringwraiths to protect Frodo (moving into her 8 aggression tactics). She zeroes in all her attention on Aragorn, into pursuing and enriching their bond through her selflessness.