Functional Order: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

Judging Functional Axis:

Extroverted Feeling (Fe) / Introverted Thinking (Ti)

Hilly is preoccupied with shaping the world around her, into a more segregated society, based upon her warped views of what is “socially appropriate.” She tries to make her racism seem less racist, by coaching it in softer language – isn’t it nice if the help has their very own bathroom? Doesn’t it make them feel important? Oh, and it will bring up the value of your house, too! When Skeeter refuses to put her racist initiative in the local newsletter, Hilly tries Fe tactics for a while (being polite, understanding of Skeeter’s mom being sick, etc) and then becomes more aggressive and forceful (it better be in there soon!). In the inevitable fall-out between them, Hilly races to Skeeter’s house to “get her in trouble with her mama,” by telling her the ugly truth and then recruiting her against Skeeter. She takes great pride in ignoring and getting others to ignore people she doesn’t like, and avoids public humiliation at all costs. Her logic is not great. She comes up with a few reasonable excuses as to why her beliefs are appropriate (it raises home value) but for the most part, just tries to control the situation.

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Introverted Sensing (Si) / Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

She knows how “things have always been,” but also wants to shape the world. Hilly goes out of her way to hire Minny because she knows she loves her chocolate pies. She cannot understand the difference in Skeeter, and how she could have “changed” so much from attending college. Hilly has her fingers in a lot of pies. She is the queen bee and socialite, being in charge of the Ladies’ Aid Society, managing things for the newsletter, assigning jobs, and attending and organizing local fundraisers and events. In short, she competently deals with a lot of details on a continual basis and enjoys it. Her intuition isn’t bad. She often senses what’s going on under the surface, what Minny is thinking, what Skeeter is really up to behind her polite deferrals.

Enneagram: 1w2 social

Hilly is hell-bent on ‘fixing’ the world through her rigid attempts to control it, to keep people separated according to racial standards, and by policing Skeeter’s unfavorable (in her mind) views and behaviors. She is often angry, but does not like to let other people see it — so she holds onto her resentment, or forces herself to smile and be tolerant, in an example of reaction formation (doing the opposite of what she wants to do). She’s an unhealthy 1 in that she can be rigid, judgmental, and unkind, refusing to loan her maid money or pay her in advance, and using the excuse of her needing to learn a lesson about money. Her 2 wing is invasive and controlling. She manipulates her friends into doing what she wants through fake niceness, then lashes out at them if they dare to disagree with her. She coaches all her behaviors in being helpful — how generous it is, for them to put in a colored bathroom; they can have their very own, isn’t that nice?