Charmed: Harry Greenwood [ISTJ]

Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne Perceiving Functional Axis: Introverted Sensing (Si) / Extroverted Intuition (Ne) Harry has a vast amount of knowledge about magic, spells, and procedure built up over his many decades of life. He easily remembers these things, which makes him useful to the Charmed ones. He tends to also fuss around the house, wants … Continue reading Charmed: Harry Greenwood [ISTJ]

Charmed: Mel Vera [ESFP]

Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni Perceiving Functional Axis: Extroverted Sensing (Se) / Introverted Intuition (Ni) Mel is the most assertive of the three Charmed ones, and the first one to leap into action without thinking of the consequences. As one example, when she sees someone about to “magic out,” she attaches her own magic to them, enabling … Continue reading Charmed: Mel Vera [ESFP]